About Us


To reach out to you with a name, we went back to the roots and derived OJO from the Sanskrit word Ojas, meaning vitality. Staying true to the name, the brand offers exclusive curated healthy meal plans which are fresh, 100% natural and trusted for wellbeing. Our endeavour is to transform you, to a better you, with daily food delivery that is appetizing and free from monotony. In fact, the plans are individualistic and customized according to your needs, with ingredients including superfoods that are sourced from the best of the natural produce.


It’s no secret that a good nutrition is crucial for health and a stronger immune system. The recent pandemic situation has pushed people towards adapting a more conscious lifestyle and reaching out to healthier alternatives. OJO reflects this change in the social ecosystem and becomes a partner for the health-conscious. Its team of skilled chefs and expert nutritionists have spent hours to bring a well-balanced meal to your tables. This belief in an improved lifestyle becomes the OJO Lifestyle Private Limited . And the daily delivery in a box, nutrifies you for the OJO Lifestyle Private Limited.


OJO sees it’s business as a mission of transformation. By bringing a shift in habits, lifestyle and wellness. With creative meal plans that meet specific nutrition requirements and are a treat to the palate. As a brand dedicated to a better you, OJO nudges you towards a life which is healthier, nourishing and filled with positivity. This essence is reflected in its exotic supplements which bring a change in you every day.




When it comes to nutrition, OJO has set high standards for itself. It uses nourishing ingredients like Himalayan Salt, Honey and Gud (Jaggery).


OJO is your daily meal delivery, from our team of expert chefs & nutritionists who work together to create customized recipes from a global cuisine.


Every ingredient which goes into our food is sourced fresh and is of the highest possible quality. Anything which does not meet the OJO standards is immediately weaned out. If pure is not available, we may change the food item, but we’ll not compromise on quality.


Maintaining a balance of nutrition and calories is of prime importance in a meal. Every food item you consume has been thoroughly researched and experimented with various ingredients, to give you a tasty and exotic experience.


A healthy habit is a boon in disguise. OJO is a true believer in cultivating a lifestyle which is centered around well-being and is enjoyable every day.