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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

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Cooking food that is tasty is EASY, but cooking
food that is both healthy and TASTY is tricky…
Our chefs are experts in that …

While I was on OJO it never felt like a diet !

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OJO Life will be your Nutritionist

As soon as you start your 3 day Trial our nutritionist will connect and craft an entire meal plan according to you…

OJO Life’s free meal plans worked better than most over priced meal plans

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OJO Life will be your Accountability Partner

OJO life app and nutritionist both will track your weight loss goals and adjust your diet plan according to your Journey and Progress

I reached my first goal, and then I set another goal and I reached that one, too. I was motivated to keep going because I was getting results.

-Priya Garg

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We saw 1/3  people weren’t able to achieve their goals because they felt hungry after eating portion controlled OJO meals and ate something else…

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After corona our eyes were opened with the need of having a strong immune system… These shots increase your immunity in the best possible way !

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Your Journey to Effortless Weight Loss

Get your Weight Loss Plan Created

Once you fill in the below form and order the plan best suitable for your goals our nutritionist will reach out to check and access any special requirements

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Sit back relax, let OJO handle everything from meal planning to cooking...
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Eat, Judge and Commit

Eat the fresh meals delivered every morning with a clear plan of what to eat and when to eat...Judge whether you can actually try this for 30 days for a guaranteed weight loss... Commit 30 days and get on a path to guaranteed effortless weight loss

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If you are expecting to lose weight instantly after a 3 day trial….

Our 3 Days trial is created for one purpose only which is to help you try OJO Life taste and quality risk free before taking any large commitments… The instant 2 kg is lost within 3 days is because of all the bloating and water weight that gets lost due to a low sodium diet…

If you don’t have motivation to be fit 

Although we have created our OJO life plans in a way that requires your least effort and willpower but still have to resist unhealthy habits…

If you believe weight loss is a one time thing !

We at OJO Life believe eating healthy must be a part of lifestyle and we are all about creating habits and not a one time thing

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